New Years Announcement: Timothy Galebach (BlockMason) joins Hicky as Advisor!

Tim is a co-founder of Blockmason — a market leader in credit, health, and social applications of the blockchain. As a 2007 Harvard computer science graduate, Tim saw the potential of blockchain technology at an early stage. He immersed himself in the world of smart contracts and now leads Blockmason’s development team, designing code for Blockmason’s Credit Protocol smart contracts.

Blockmason completed a successful ICO in November, raising the ether equivalent of $12 million, and Tim was an integral part of the team that made it a success.

On joining the Hicky Advisory Board:

“Hicky’s vision of using blockchain technology to bring safety and security to a dating platform while leveraging the incentivizing power of cryptoeconomics to improve matching is something I’m excited to see evolve. I’m looking forward to working with the Hicky team to contribute to the advancement of decentralized applications.”

Hicky is excited at having someone as technically experienced as Tim on the advisory board, especially as we prepare to launch our ICO in Q1, 2018. Tim will be advising Hicky on technical development and issues relating to our upcoming ICO.

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