Coffee. As It Should Be.

Doesn’t this look good?

Coffee is considered a very popular drink. After all, most countries in the world have adopted the custom of making and drinking coffee while adapting it to their specific tastes.

More often than not coffee in America comes in a surreal variety of spices, colors, tastes and sizes. Yet the major American coffee brands can taste like a watered-down imitation for an Italian like myself. Italians might demonstrate a farcical and disinterested approach to politics, but we do take or coffee seriously.

The right coffee has the color and texture of the earth and is served in a small tazzina. It holds just the perfect amount to keep you completely unsatisfied.

Italians create a whole ritual when it comes to drinking coffee. Friends and couples smoke cigarettes at the tables outside the café placed there specifically for that purpose. In the movie by Jim Jarmush, Coffee and Cigarettes, there is a nod to this Italian ceremony starring Roberto Benigni.

You can keep your spicy-pumpkin-mocha-double espresso abomination. To me, this is home. This is my secret place that I return to after work, that I climb to out of bed and that I wait for after lunch.

A secret that I wish wasn’t so well kept.

If you are looking for me, you can find me drinking my REAL coffee, puffing my overpriced cigarettes.

American, of course.

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