The oldest Old Masters are on the rise

Forthcoming Old Master sale highlights, Part II

This is my second list of Old Master sale highlights this December, this time coming from Christie’s Evening Sale that is about to happen in London, 3 Dec 2019.

See the Part I of this mini-series here.

I would like to share with you my selection of the forthcoming winter sales with my short commentary on side. Not to tell you what’s the best (or what you should go for, save the mark), yet to provoke you to look closer at high resolution images on the auction house websites and study great masterpieces, please your eyes and get to know art and artists a little better.

Part II. Christie’s Evening Sale, London, 3 Dec 2019

Well, seems like Christie’s have much weaker program and all the crème de la crème lots are waiting for the next evening at New Bond street Sotheby’s HQ.

However, here are my top picks:

Giovanni di Paolo, The Investiture of Saint Clare: the Saint receiving the clothes of her Order from Saint Francis, 15th century
  1. No doubt, 15th century panels by sienese Early Renaissance master Giovanni di Paolo are there to make headlines. They may well follow the trend highlighted by another recent sensation when a painting by the so called Master of Vissy Brod (Prague gothic school of the middle of 14th century) made €6,2 mln on sale in Dijon where it was acquired by none other than the Metropolitan Museum from New York. Top it with another hot sale of Cimabue earlier this year and set your eyes on the divine market rarities of the Proto- and Early Renaissance ages.
This Maddona with a Child by Master of Vissy Brod was acquired by MET for more than $6 mln

2. Dutch still life stars are another strong point of the evening. In spite of having signature flower bouquet by Jan Brueghel the Velvet (the younger son of the very Pieter Bruegel the Elder) the same subject still life by his compatriot Ambrosius Bosshaert is the one to go all in for. An ambitious high estimate of GBP 2,5 mln is there for a reason.

Left one is by Jan Brueghel, right one is by Ambrosius Bosshaert

3. A nice and refined portrait of a lady dressed as Cleopatra by Grand Tour household name Pompeo Batoni is an all-time faultless choice for collectors. Though this one seems to be a little bit too academic to present taste. This fact and lack of unbeatable provenance bring it on with a moderate low estimate of GBP 150,000.

4. Guido Reni market appearance is always a chance to get something exceptional which will only raise in price. This light academic baroque painting has an intriguing story of origin and impressive attribution back to the artist himself. No surprises shall it surpass 1 million dollars in hammer price.

5. Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo was the son of the famous Giovanni Battista — star of 18th century Italian Rococo style. These drawings of him, coming from renowned Ford Collection by the late Brinsley Ford — Trustee of the National Gallery and a director of the Burlington Magazine. Each have impressive half-a-million estimates and prove the rising demand for prints and drawings.

To get the full picture of what’s going on in Old Master Evenings do check up Part I of this story dedicated to sales at Sotheby’s.

Here is the link for the respective online catalogue shall you decide to look it through yourself and find your own personal favourites.

Just as a caveat, this blog is not supported or sponsored in any way by the auction house or other artwork sellers whose artworks got featured here.

My name is Marina Viatkina and I am an art collector, researcher and art advisor. You may read my other art-related articles, watch videos or reach out to discuss this article and address your art enquiries here or on my website

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