Hidden in Plain Sight

On journey to see the world differently.

Mobile / Home Theory

In cultures where guests are frequently invited into the home, the home is the dominant mechanism for communicating stories about ourselves, what we stand for, where we…

Having the Intelligence to Outsmart the Network

In world where we take ‘location’ for granted, who is motivated, in what contexts to either degrade or starve us of our location feed, or

Falling in love for the first time, again.

Why do you remember certain experiences? What do you want to remember and why? What if you could experience falling in love for the first time…

Blue Rinse

It is a familiar sight but it could and ultimately will, be so much more.

The Future of Sewage Epidemiology

It’s Not Your Face, It’s Mine

There she is, staring down from the immigration hall of Shanghai immigration: a face connected to a brand connected to a product.

Legacy Transactions in Cashless Society

The contract sits on the desk, its dense kanji taunting from the printed page. It is difficult to focus on the content because the solicitor…

Twelve Concepts in Autonomous Mobility

Recently met with the advanced design team of a Japanese client to discuss how autonomous mobility could play out. I’ve talked publicly about a few…

Let’s Agree That I Don’t Know You

Smart Service Design Needs A New Language For Anonymity

Encountered a nice touch on returning from a business trip to urbn

Great To See You 

Just Not Around Here

If I’m frank, one of the enjoyable aspects of that small bar around the corner is that I’m not going to bump into you. It’s not…

Bribing the Driver

And Other Business Models

Private car companies such as Uber provide a tiered offering: the black limo provides a superior service at a higher cost…

Delaying the Onset of Aging

Some Chinese iPhone users are refraining from using the phone’s button, the single most obviously mechanical aspect of the device, because they feel that it will…

A Sense of Ownership

The distance between “you here“, your physical presence and “you there” your public and private online presence is closing. What impact will this have on us? And what…

Muzzle Flash

On Friday I was invited into Google Labs New York and given the opportunity to try out Glass.

I declined to put on a pair.

I Know What You’re Collectively Thinking

As with most companies that make things your staff uses search engines to effectively go about their business. The guys and gals in the research…

The Future of Unattended Objects

You are walking in your high street and you see a bag on the ground. What goes through your mind?

Profiting from Loss, Theft & Other Sustainable Business Models

I had the good fortune to lose my iPhone 4 this week, left in a taxi whilst juggling small child, the usual thing. In…

The Networked Urban Environment

Imagine never having to look for a parking space ever again. Imagine that from here on out, this problem is solved. Fast-forward to 2025. You’re driving from…

You Lookin’ at Me? Reflections on Google Glass

There is but one remedy for the Glass wearer – a bucket of iced water in the face whenever you suspect he has taken you…

You Are What You Carry

In the early days of ancient Rome, the toga was the national garment, worn by men, women, and children alike, across social classes. Its universality made it difficult…

Hidden in Plain Sight
Hidden in Plain Sight

On journey to see the world differently.

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