How Well Do You Really Know Your Labels?

Justin Ian Chia
Jun 21, 2019 · 2 min read
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by Justin Ian Chia

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Details on food items have become so confusing that you’d never have guessed their original intent was to help consumers make better choices.

To help you decipher these codes, here’s our handy, non-confusing guide to food labels, ingredient lists and nutrition claims on food packaging. Firstly, just for this month, so you can figure out what will give your brain — which uses about 20% of the body’s calorie intake — a boost. (The principles remain the same whatever the label you’re reading.)

A bit of background. The need for greater food safety and security was such that in April 2019, a new governing body, Singapore Food Agency (SFA), was established. One way that SFA fulfills its mission is to ensure that pre-packed food for sale in the country must have labels that comply with regulations. HiDoc’s shareable smart guide shows you how to navigate the food label terrain:

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