Let’s Talk About Contraception: Prevention is Indeed Better Than Cure.

Justin Ian Chia
Sep 26, 2019 · 3 min read

HiDoc Pulse welcomes back Dr Kanika Chaudhuri, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, to share her expertise on the types of contraception available as well as their effectiveness and possible side effects so that the women in our lives can make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health.

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This month, HiDoc Pulse spotlights women’s wellbeing in celebration of World Contraception Day on 26th September. We show you the many ways you can recalibrate your life, through diet and lifestyle choices that promote wellness. Download our app to experience specialist healthcare with the ease of a phone call.

In a world where all pregnancies are wanted, physical and mental health would be greatly improved, not just for women but also their loved ones. World Contraception Day, an annual worldwide campaign first launched in 2007, aims to do just that by improving awareness of the contraceptive options available for women. Dr Kanika, who practices at Astra Women’s Specialists Centre in Toa Payoh, supports the campaign and quotes the old adage, “Prevention is better than cure.” The cure, in this case, being abortion — a process which causes physical and psychological turmoil to the woman and her loved ones. “Young educated professionals are still coming to see doctors about their accidental pregnancies. This shows that patient education still has a long way to go towards connecting with the youth of today,” Dr Kanika opines.

It is very rare for young adults to proactively ask about contraception and the good doctor has an idea just why: “Inhibitions play a major role in couples’ decisions not to use contraception. Whether they are scared that their health will be adversely affected or for other personal reasons, contraception is something they wish to avoid unless really necessary. Unfortunately, patient education is sometimes only initiated by the couple after the woman has gone through a painful and stressing abortion.”

A startling fact to register is that, of the patients who see her about their unplanned pregnancies and abortions, married couples outnumber unmarried couples. Why is this so? “Women who are married and already have children sometimes experience irregular menstrual cycles and that complicates the couple’s calculation when determining the ‘non-fertile’ period for sex. Most people think an unplanned pregnancy is something only unmarried couples grapple with but forget that married couples who feel that their family unit is ‘complete’ also have to deal with this issue,” Dr Kanika explains.

That is why the key thrust behind World Contraception Day is promoting a vision where every pregnancy is wanted. In support of this vision, we unpack with Dr Kanika the range of contraceptives on the market today.

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