DoraHacks Hacker Arena Ended Successfully, 12-Year-Old CEO Provided Tech Support

Dec 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Dec. 12, 11:00 pm (UTC+8), DoraHacks Blockchain Hacker Arena x SF Binance SAFU Pre-Hackathon successfully ended in the top tier Blockchain WDAS conference venue. After the 8-hour competition, 100 contestants finished all challenges given by the project partners and won 15,000 USD value Prize Pool. After dividing into groups, hackers chose each specific question to answer. The project partners also prepared various prizes for them: US dollars, Ether, DJI drone, limited edition of Gundam Seed Garage Kit etc. The top 3 teams will directly advance in Binance Singapore Hackathon 2019.

This is the first worldwide Hackathon held by Binance, the №1 global Bitcoin trader. After San Francisco, Binance will hold three blockchain hackathons further in Singapore, Seoul and Hongkong. As co-organizer, Binance prepared BNB as the prize which worth thousands dollars for hackers. They would pick up three teams and give them free tickets to Binance Singapore Hackathon 2019.

Tron was also the co-organizer of the hackathon this time. Tron is one of the fastest growing and the strongest blockchain teams in the world. Their competitiveness can be compared to Ethereum in the field of the public blockchain-based platform. Tron offered hackers 5000 dollars as the prize and invited both of them and DoraHacks to be the guests of an after-party at that night.

Celer Network was one of the tech partners. They provided hackers some challenges for the challenge competition. Such as to design and improve the Celer Wallet app, or design a new app for Celer Wallet app which can interact with the former. After tensed brainstorming, hackers on-site submitted their solutions and won the prize.

Among the 11 project partners in Hacker Arena, Pocket of Quarters attracted people’s attention. As the CEO of this company, George B. Weiksner is only 12 years’ old. He founded the blockchain applied game company Pocketful of Quarters in2017. The creative director in his team is once the Medal of Honor Design Director winner. Also, the famous YouTube blogger Michelle Phan is his investor. This company offers unified virtual game coins — Quarters to all players. Quarters can be used in different digital games and in mainstream game platforms as well.

George once mentioned in an interview, he came up with the idea that he could establish a company when he didn’t want to play a game any further, but his game coins could not be refunded and his money, too. His father told him about the cryptocurrency and he thought maybe a kind of virtual game coins could be used in all games. George’s genius idea brought him to the famous TV show Meet of the Drapers produced by the co-founder of DFJ venture capital Tim Draper. And his insights about cryptocurrency and game industry have been reported by Marketwatch, BusinessInsider, Sunrise TV, ICO Investor TV, Be Inspired, The New York Post etc.

George’s team wanted hackers to design a game involved with Quarters and encouraged players to use Quarters. Carlotta from Pocket of Quarters provided tech supports to hackers and watched the whole competition remotely.

Other partners of this Hackathon were: Binance Labs, Ankr, FBG Capital, GBIC, Block72. Oasis Labs, Ultrain, QuarkChain, Saito Network, IOTBlock, Dispatch Labs, Taschain provided tech support.


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