Dustin Dvorak #FounderSeries 001

High Collision is passionate about sharing real stories, and we think Dustin Dvorak has a powerful one to share. Dustin is an entrepreneur who co-founded a technology oriented M&A firm while completing his graduate degree.

How did you get started?

I REALLY started as an entrepreneur in October 2015 with a group of guys from my EMBA program. It started as team work which grew into a unique trust and confidence in their character, experience and capabilities. I quickly learned that we could accomplish anything at the ‘speed of trust’ — which I have found to be incredibly fast. Moreover, the journey to serial entrepreneurship started when I was young and admiring the possibilities of life. Even back then, I was confused as to why people would go work at a job that they did not enjoy just to sustain a certain way of living. I was also never convinced that a particular way of living was ‘that great’ — or ‘that bad’ for that matter. I always found that creativity brought me fulfillment. After trying out many different paths on my journey — undergraduate as a Bible Student, commissioned in the Marine Corps, and working for a small business — I never found the contentment that I was seeking. That has only come with working in a true team with strong values and a keen emphasis on creativity and innovation.

What was the biggest risk?

The biggest risks that I took both point toward comfort and personal sustainability. At the time I made my decision I decided to fulfill my obligation to the Marine Corps Reserve and step away from that as a safety net. I also decided to step away from my day job and the comfortable salary that it provided. So far it has worked out smoothly which Is fairly unique even amongst entrepreneurs. There are stressful times that I really have to watch the budget but it is making me a more prudent consumer as well as increasing my financial intelligence.

Who inspires you?

My teammates inspire me daily. I wasn’t convinced that I would find the loyalty, honor and teamwork that I had in the Corps. I have truly been blessed by working with like-minded individuals who embody the spirit of entrepreneurship. They teach me daily and make me want to be a better person, entrepreneur and technologist.

What do you want aspiring entrepreneurs to know?

I want aspiring entrepreneurs to know that talented and like-minded people are out there waiting for a chance to play on their team. When it comes to people, character and personality, there is no reason to take shortcuts in seeking out talent. If you care for your people, train them properly and lead them with enthusiasm and encouragement then you will never cease to be surprised by their capabilities and potential. Remember that sophisticated investors are always betting on the team: first, “is the business viable” and if it is then “can this team accomplish it”.

What is the most important book you have on your bookshelf?

The most important book that I have on my bookshelf transitions pretty frequently to the current book which I am reading. I think we all do that — read books relevant to the ideas which we need to focus on presently; otherwise, we don’t read them. Currently, I am reading “Fish!” about the Seattle Pike Place fish market and the philosophy that made them a world class market and a great model of boosting morale for future organizations.

How do you give back?

I do my best to give back to the community in a few ways — veteran outreach and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is as heroic to me as shipping off to the Marine Corps — it is just a different battle front. We are seeking to create jobs and sustain businesses that can further help to sustain the American economy and our way of life. I truly believe in the values that we founded our country on — especially freedom. I believe in the global citizen and that everyone deserves to have our rights and freedoms extended to them. I work with a number of organizations that reach out to veterans. The one closest to my heart is the Cowtown Warriors who aims to ‘make life suck less’ for local wounded veterans. I have watched this organization develop from a ‘napkin plan’ in 2013 to our current level which is generating over $100k per year and an all volunteer effort which gives back 100% of proceeds to wounded vets.

How do we reach your business?

You can find my business online at readyame.com. We build, acquire and develop exceptional businesses. We focus on technology companies and stable companies that are past their early startup stage. You can email me at dpdvorak [AT] readyame [DOT] com.

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