Four of The Best IoT And Connected Car Articles This Week

Want to know what’s new in Internet of Things technology and connected cars right now? In this blog post we’ve got four of this month’s best articles. Enjoy!

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Survey shows majority of companies working towards IoT goal

The IoT journal reports that a Zebra Technologies survey indicates that although most businesses do not yet have IoT technology built into their current systems, the majority do recognise the importance of this type of intelligence as well as the need to incorporate it into their enterprises if they are to remain relevant and competitive.

The main findings of the survey, which included 908 companies in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, revealed that a significant 71% of these companies already have plans in place to adopt an intelligent enterprise, while 57% are already executing on an IoT-focused business plan.

The survey, called the “Intelligent Enterprise Index” could be an indication that we can expect an increase in IoT technology deployment in the near future from businesses worldwide.

Read the full story on the IoT Journal here

IoT-powered home insurance service launched

TechCrunch reports that UK company Neos has launched a smart home app designed as a prevention and protection service controlled by the user’s smartphone. The IoT technology gives the user complete access to their home wherever in the world they may be, allowing them to enable security systems remotely or check their home camera’s live video feed.

But this app is not just about preventing a major disaster in the home, it is also an insurance service. Simply put, in addition to the security measures mentioned (and a host of others) users are offered a complete home insurance package as part of the Neos deal. However users can rest assured that despite the array of at-home sensors and cameras, Neos guarantees that data collected by the company will not be used to avoid paying out in the instance of a claim.

Read the full story on TechCrunch here

The very near future of connected cars

Forbes contributor Joy Tan, President of Global Media and Communications at Huawei Technologies, discusses the extent to which our relationship with cars is going to change over the course of the next 3 years.

In her Forbes thought-leader piece, she predicts that sales of connected cars could reach 61 million by 2020 with video becoming a key asset to the driver and passenger experience not only in terms of in-car entertainment, but also, crucially, in the areas of road safety and vehicle security.

Such will be the impact of in-car screen-watching that Volvo predicts that drivers will actually take longer routes to reach their destinations in order to finish watching a film or program. Although driverless cars are still a little way off, she believes that these could reduce traffic fatalities by as much as 90% by the middle of this century.

For more details, check out her Forbes piece here.

Connected cars — four steps to success

Chris Penrose, Senior Vice President of Internet of Things, at AT&T Mobility writes this engaging guest post on TechTarget about the growing need for security protection in the connected car industry if we are to truly optimize the connected car experience for every user.

In his post he goes into the four crucial steps we need to take to ensure the future success of a connected automobile industry. His four steps are:

  1. Emphasize the societal benefits of connected cars.
  2. Understand the four types of cybersecurity risks and threats.
  3. Implement an end-to end security approach.
  4. Foster an ecosystem of collaborators.

For the details of Chris’s four steps check out the full article, here.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s round up. What have you been reading this month? Share your favourite reads, as well as your thoughts on these articles, in the comments below and let’s get the discussion started!