Porsche NEXT OI Competition — Winners, Award Ceremony and Prizes!

On a hot, sunny Saturday in Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport, we at HIGH MOBILITY were privileged to witness the last round of pitching and presentations from the top seven teams invited to the final of the Porsche NEXT OI Competition. After much deliberation and discussion, the final three teams the jury chose to take home the prizes were the following:

Steffen Iwan delivering the winning pitch for AUTOmator

First Prize


The innovative idea behind AUTOmator, which saw off competition from developers from over 50 countries worldwide, sees the linking of apps with Porsche vehicles; in essence working as a virtual personal assistant to the driver. The app from the German-based team is designed so that specific, predefined situations independently trigger app commands which would otherwise be performed by the user. Crucially, it is through the use of an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that AUTOmator redefines the car experience for drivers. The UX-centric app might come into play, if, for example, a driver were to receive an email from a specific or known sender while driving their Porsche. AUTOmator would then notify the driver via the car’s internal display. Receiving high praise from the judging panel it was the ‘if-this-then-that’ aspect of the team’s concept that saw AUTOmator scoop first prize against some stiff competition.

SoundReply receiving second prize for their project Porsche Track Precision App 4.0/AI Edition

Second Prize

Porsche Track Precision App 4.0/AI Edition

SoundReply, the team behind the Porsche Track Precision App 4.0/AI Edition, created a race driving simulator and coaching application which saw them bag second prize in the Porsche NEXT OI Competition. The app allows Porsche drivers with racetrack ambitions the ability to hone their racing skills anywhere, anytime. With an AI racetrack coach that, just like its human counterpart, is able to provide real-time performance analysis as well as personalized and track-specific instructions to the driver, the Porsche Track Precision App is the ultimate learning tool for drivers looking to up their game and beat their personal best.

The Dräxlmaier Campus Team receiving third prize for their application The Porsche Smart Garage Project

Third Prize

The Porsche Smart Garage Project

Coming in third was the Porsche Smart Garage Project — an app that brings total convenience to vehicle maintenance. The app provides the driver of the Porsche with full control of the vehicle status combined with predictive maintenance, making him or her aware of upcoming necessary services via active push notifications. Using the app, it is easy to book individual service packages, to monitor the service process and to check the service record. A Porsche employee picks up the vehicle at the user’s desired location and returns it as soon as the service is completed. The comprehensive digital service platform, called the “Smart Garage Service Platform”, automatically manages all requests in the background and enables communication between the vehicle, the service garage and the app user.

HIGH MOBILITY CEO and competition judge, Risto Vahtra, said:

“We have been thrilled by the technical and imaginative quality of the projects on display in this final round of the competition. Personalisation here was key. Looking to the future, I believe some of these projects could become hugely successful businesses. At HIGH MOBILITY we’re incredibly proud to have played a key role in the furthering of these innovative collaborations.”

It was a day filled with innovative ideas and collaborations

The Award Ceremony

Set against a backdrop of the Formula E Berlin E-Prix in the capital’s Tempelhof Airport, the Porsche NEXT OI Award Ceremony saw the top seven selected teams undertake a final round of pitches for the judges before prizes were announced. In addition to their prizes, and signalling a major nod of approval from Porsche, all three teams were informed they will have the opportunity to refine their applications for pilot projects in collaboration with the sports car manufacturer this year.

The winning team with former Formula One driver Mark Webber

Speaking after the win, AUTOmator inventor Steffen Iwan discussed what had initially attracted his team to the innovation competition:

“I think in the next 2–3 years there will be immense opportunities with connected car APIs. It was clear to us that the competition’s app development platform was the best way to explore them,” he said.

The judges on the panel for the Porsche NEXT OI Competition

Prizes And Future Collaborations

The team behind the top application, AUTOmator, received €10,911 and the chance to visit the Porsche Weissach Research & Development Center, with a private tour of the design studio. In addition Porsche has awarded the team the opportunity to further refine their application for a pilot project in collaboration with Porsche themselves — a fantastic result for the team.

Steffen, from the AUTOmator team, told us: “We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to develop our idea further with Porsche and we hope to be able to contribute towards Porsche’s digital transformation in the future.”

SoundReply demonstrating their application

SoundReply, the team behind the Porsche Track Precision App 4.0/AI Edition and winners of second prize, received a cash sum of €9,110 as well as the chance to visit the Porsche Weissach Research & Development Center, with a private tour of the design studio. Porsche has also offered the team the opportunity to further hone their application as part of a future pilot project with the sports car giant.

The Dräxlmaier Campus Team, the group behind the Porsche Smart Garage Project, received €1,911 for their project, the chance to take part in a race track session at the Porsche Weissach Research & Development Center and a chance to work further on their application via a pilot project with Porsche.

About The Competition

The Porsche NEXT OI Competition was the opportunity for developers to build applications and services for connected Porsche sports cars — including the currently unreleased Porsche Mission E — with HIGH MOBILITY providing a unique platform for the development and testing of projects. Developers had access to simulated Porsche vehicles in order to develop their applications in a true-to-life environment as well as enjoy round-the-clock access to over 140 APIs and an extensive range of SDKs, tools and resources. The competition closed with a total of 1,055 registered participants, calling up half a million APIs between them.

Thank you to all of the 1,055 participants for their hard work and huge congratulations from us at HIGH MOBILITY to the three winning teams!