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A Pop of Color for Lichtenstein’s “House III”: December Collection Highlight

This piece by iconic pop artist Roy Lichtenstein was recently restored to its original brilliance.

By Eva Berlin, Digital Content Specialist, High Museum of Art

Video by Ashley Wills

Among pop art icon Roy Lichtenstein’s last subjects was the image of the suburban American home. The smaller-than-life sculpture House III evolved from Lichtenstein’s large-scale Interior paintings of the early 1990s and from work that revived his interest in playing with perspective.

Pop art sculpture of a cartoon-style house in black, white, yellow, and red.
Roy Lichtenstein (1923–1997), House III, 1997, fabricated 2002.

Exploring inverted perspective and symbolically complex messages of housing and shelter, the corner of the piece appears to project forward toward the viewer. However, by walking around the work, one sees that the corner actually recedes and that the eye has been fooled.

A favorite among visitors, House III is located on the green space outside the Museum and has been contending with weather elements since 2002. Curators and professional conservation specialists recently identified preservation concerns, and the piece was repainted to restore it to its original condition.

This work is one of over 18,000 in our rotating collection. They’re all here for you!

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