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Attention, Animal Crossing Lovers: The High Museum Is Offering Artworks for Your Home’s Private Collection

It’s International Museum Day in Animal Crossing, and we’ve got you set with world-renowned artworks for download.

By Eva Berlin, Digital Content Specialist, High Museum of Art

On countless islands in the Animal Crossing universe, special museum festivities kicked off on May 18 and are now in full swing until May 31!

In honor of this noble celebration (okay, we like museums!), we’re joining in the fun with a collection of High Museum artworks available for download in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Our esteemed colleague Blathers has an entire virtual museum to manage by himself, so the High is lending a hand to beautify your island’s homes.

Add High Museum artworks to elevate your space. To wear your High pride on a hat, head to the Able Sisters Kiosk and enter this download code: MO-HMM7–6TCR-1KB3.

How to Download the Artworks

  1. Open up NookLink on your phone (within the Nintendo Online app), select Designs, and scan the QR code.
  2. Open your Custom Designs app in your Nook phone (within the game), and press the Download button to add the artwork into your designs.

You can hang artworks on walls or display them on easels anywhere you like. We also have a High Museum T-shirt and hat so you can rep your favorite real-world museum all around town (no disrespect, Blathers).

Hanging artworks on your island? Share a screenshot and tag us with #HighMuseumatHome.

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