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Gift Guide: Meet the Makers Featured in the High’s Holiday Artisan Market

On November 26 and 27, these local makers will be offering their handmade wares at the High’s annual market.

By Eva Berlin, Digital Content Specialist, High Museum of Art

Join us for the High’s Holiday Artisan Market this Thanksgiving weekend!

Friday, November 26
Saturday, November 27
11 a.m.–4 p.m.

Meet local artisans, and shop for handmade gifts including jewelry, textiles, home goods, accessories, and more. You’ll be sure to find the best gifts for your holiday list!

Admission to the Holiday Artisan Market is free. Admission to the Museum is not included.

Scroll to find out more about this year’s artisans.

Maker — Brie-Onie Leverette

Manifestwax is a small, Black woman–owned brand created with the intent to inspire, educate, and elevate through manifestation candles and intention-based workshops. Each candle is hand poured and dressed in a curated blend of dried herbs and gemstones to help the user connect with and tap into the frequency of clarity, love, or abundance.

Antonio MciLwaine.

Artist — Antonio MciLwaine

Antonio MciLwaine, better known as ARM OF CASSO, is an Atlanta-based artist. His background in fine arts combined with his experiences living in such cities as Philadelphia, Miami, and Atlanta have shaped his unique style into what it is today. He coined the term Sharpism to describe how he weaves sharp, intricate, and contoured lines into all his pieces. He creates intricate, abstract and colorful pieces with mixed media, including acrylic paint and oil-based markers. ARM OF CASSO’s work has been featured in publications such as Vibe magazine and has been shown in many well-known art venues, including Art Basel Miami and T.I.’s Trap Music Museum in Atlanta. Many public icons have admired his work, as well, including Rick Ross, Lupita Nyong’o, Questlove, and Erykah Badu.

Gleam Eyewear
Owner — Eva Lester

Gleam Eyewear is an indie brand of blue-light-blocking screen glasses designed for female go-getters! Designed and curated by founder Eva Lester, our glasses filter harmful blue light emitted from digital devices that can sometimes cause eye fatigue, blurry vision, insomnia, and headaches. Our styles are fun, unique, and comfortable and are inspired by trailblazing women in history such as Frida Kahlo, RBG, and Maya Angelou.

Gone Craychet
Designer and Maker — Romina

Gone Craychet offers one-of-a-kind knit and crochet items, including winter hats and accessories. I crocheted as a child, but I stopped at age six when my grandmother left my home country of Venezuela to move back to her home country of Spain. Three years ago, a friend of mine reintroduced me to the art of crochet. My friend can’t hear or speak, but we understand each other by gestures and writing, and then we discovered the language of crochet. Since then, I’ve sold my work at many artist markets, and I’m looking forward to showing you my one-of-a-kind creations.

Odessa Huff
Textile Artist — Odessa Huff

Odessa Huff grew up in a large Atlanta family making her own clothes. She followed in the family footsteps as her dad was a tailor, her grandmother was a seamstress, and all her aunts sewed and quilted. She holds a BS in home economics from Morris Brown College and earned a part-time living as a dressmaker for many years. Odessa enjoys using Afrocentric fabrics and colorful borders, and she never throws away her scraps. Odessa also started the Welcome All Quilters’ Guild in 2016, which meets weekly at Welcome All Park in South Fulton.

Ashley Huynh.
Pink polymer earrings shaped like a woman’s body.
Brown cow polymer earrings.

she held the sun in her hands
Designer — Ashley Huynh

Founded in May 2020 in Atlanta, our mission is to provide beautiful, magical, and contemporary polymer-clay earrings and accessories that can be worn all day, every day. All pieces are handmade with love and care — just as every person is one of a kind, so, too, are each of our pieces. As a brand, we believe in the special, the inexplicable, and the exceptional. We want to celebrate the individuality of everyone who chooses to shop with us and play a part in their story or daily ritual. We’re inspired by the classic, enchanting statement piece that no one else has and that you can’t get enough of wearing.

Ashley Benton.

Ashley Benton
Ceramicist — Ashley Benton

Ashley is a mixed-media artist living in Savannah, Georgia. She has been exhibiting her work for more than twenty years across the country and beyond. Ashley’s work is based on the emotional experience of living a life. She attempts to unveil the marvelous in the everyday, create a sense of wonder, engage her mind, and open a dialogue with the viewer. The work is never an exact representation, much like a work of fiction. Her work hovers in the in-between — less than reality, more than a dream . . .

Flamenca Bohème
Designer and Maker — Janice

Flamenca Bohème is a brand of spectacular handcrafted jewelry and accessories that blend bohemian and flamenco flair. My jewelry is inspired by my travels around the world, cultures from different countries where I have lived, the art of flamenco, colors, love, and life itself. Each piece symbolizes uniqueness and creativity. Flamenca Bohème is for the unconventional, fashion-forward woman who wants to elevate their bold attitude and style. My mission is to provide confidence, freedom, and happiness to all who wear my pieces. Every design is a piece of art that reflects my passion, personality, taste, and story.

Wearable Art
Artist and Designer — Lady Barbara Pinson

Wearable Art is the fashion brand of artist Lady Barbara Pinson. Choose from totes, scarves, dresses, pillows, and more, all created from Lady B’s original paintings. With each beautiful piece you collect, we hope it wraps you in the beauty, joy, and light of imagination.

Beaded earrings with dangling fringe.

Trecy Bleich Jewelry
Designer — Trecy Bleich

Trecy Bleich Jewelry is a handcrafted accessories brand catering to customers who appreciate artistic details and a minimal aesthetic. When I began making jewelry ten years ago, it was to pay homage to my mother, Evella Lawrence, whose style I admired as a young girl growing up in rural south Georgia. I design and make all pieces to order in Atlanta. I source materials from my husband’s native country of Germany and from the United States, and every detail in my designs is intentional to uphold sustainable practices in production and materials. I’m a lover of art, design, nature, and the earth, and my pieces are reflective of these attributes. Each year, I align my company with causes to sustain humans and the earth, giving to such organizations as the Dogwood Alliance and the Lupus Foundation of America (in honor of my mom).

Jazmin Guerrero.

Becalia Botanicals
Maker — Jazmin Guerrero

Hola, I’m Jazmin. I’m committed to crafting intentional, effective products with your story at the center, so you can always remember the roots that helped you grow and feel empowered to rise just the way you are. As a first-generation Mexican American, growing up, even as a little kid, I was always welcomed to sit with the women who raised and inspired me: my abuela Rebeca, my mom Otilia, and my Tia Celia. We shared meals. We talked. We didn’t have a lot, but we had each other. They taught me that how we make people feel is more important than how we look on paper. I became who I am today because of their words, sacrifices, and love.

Marquetta Bell Johnson
Textile Artist — Marquetta Johnson

Marquetta Bell Johnson, an Atlanta native and award-winning quilter and textile artist, was born into a family with four generations of tailors and quilters. Her family life provided a rich environment that fostered her creativity as a youth. She is a self-taught artist, creating hand-dyed textiles, quilts, and collectibles. Marquetta considers herself a community-based artist, using her creativity to impact the world in a positive way. She says, “Every stitch I make is an act of love with the potential to foster harmony, well-being and peace.” Marquetta’s work has been featured in books, magazines, newspapers, and on HGTV, and she is a teaching artist affiliated with many organizations such as VSA arts of Georgia, the Atlanta Partnership for Arts in Learning, and the NAMES Project Foundation AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Sophia Danner Okotie.

Designer — Sophia Danner Okotie

Besida is a sustainable women’s clothing brand with an Afrocentric flair. We produce a range of products including apparel and accessories while building communities in an environmentally conscious way at our factory in Benin City, Nigeria. The markets in Nigeria have a special way of making my creative juices flow. I’m inspired by the bold wax print fabrics in the shops, the unique handmade garments worn by strong, working women, and how well Nigerians reduce and reuse waste. Beyond the eye-catching aesthetics, what makes our items unique are our incredible values. Besida values people over profit. The team of esteemed tailors at Besida’s workshop in Nigeria are paid fair living wages, significantly above the country’s standards.

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