Are You Ready for Love? — By Martina Coogan

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There is nothing better than having love in your life.

When you see that very special person in your life, you may sense a loving feeling in all of your being. When you are held in the arms of your loved one, your physical and mental state operates at a higher frequency and vibration. This is because you are in love — this has been scientifically proven! Love is such an intriguing concept. It is one that we all seek, as there is nothing better than the sensation of being loved.

Having worked for 20 years as a Spiritual Healer, Trainer, and Coach, thousands of people have shared with me their deep desire to be loved. I always suggest that if they want to find a special someone, the first step is to love themselves. Self-love is a key that helps us to develop ourselves on all levels. We need to truly understand ourselves as both a physical and spiritual being. The practice of self-love is crucial. I recommend you connect to yourself daily in a simple way. When we start a self-love practice, it enhances us on all levels. It connects you to you and develops the most important relationship there is: the relationship with yourself. When we truly go deep and love ourselves, love automatically flows to all other areas of our lives.

Did you know that your partner can only love you to the level that you can reach yourself?

The more that you practice daily self-love and truly love yourself, the more you allow him/her to truly love you on all levels. When you establish a deep loving connection within yourself and sustain it, then will you release the need to be loved. You will stop looking for love outside of yourself or from material things. We all wish to reach and sustain this frequency of love for ourselves so we can truly be loved by others.

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So where do we start and how do we reach self-love?

I suggest to my clients to start the day off with some quiet meditative time. In doing so we can begin the practice of listening to what our inner self, our child shelf, and our higher self want to share with us. Each of us has these levels within us and we want to access them and build a connection so we can receive guidance from within. If the Inner Child is heard and is given compassion, we will begin to have more strength to listen, and to be brave, strong, confident, and attractive as individuals. Our higher self is the God/Goddess within us. The stronger we connect, the more we learn to release, to truly trust ourselves and to follow our gut reactions. Be silent first thing in the morning. Rise up to life by setting your intention for the day ahead. This will have a very beautiful influence on your personal energetic frequency and will set you in a positive flow.

The second practice I recommend is to exercise the body. It helps us to connect with our physical body. When connected we can start to relate to our sensations, feel the body in time, and honour our physical bodies. The better our body operates, the better the overall feeling we will have within ourselves. You can do formal exercise or simply walk in nature for 20 minutes. Keep in mind, doing it consistently is the best so choose something you know you can do each day.

Each of us has positives and negatives. We have had things happen or done things that we regret so it’s important we have self-acceptance and accept ourselves daily. We must stop the critical voice inside our own heads and not engage with it. This is where I recommend positive affirmations so we can replace the negative programmes with positive ones. If you are someone who has a hard time doing this at first, I suggest you purchase a Rose Quartz crystal as it will help to cleanse you and enhance love in your aura. I will happily assist you with what is best to release and repair from deep within should you wish to learn what works best for you. Salt baths are also very beneficial as they cleanse the body and the energetic structure around it. This in turn relaxes the mind and eliminates emotions.

Self-love is healthy and it’s our responsibility to do it for ourselves. It’s not the easiest however it’s very valuable and the more you do for yourself over time, the more you will see the benefits in all areas of your life. Self-love is not taught to us in school, it’s only when we take the time to do it that we realize how much it’s needed. I invite you today to start your practice. If you feel too overwhelmed, then reach out and I will assist you. If your heart feels heavy and it’s too scary to start, then a clearing of your energies will greatly assist and give you space to be one with yourself.

When we practice self-love, we are investing in ourselves at the deepest level. We are honouring ourselves and putting ourselves first. We are saying “I want to be the best version of myself” for myself and those I love, and for me to live my best life every day. Self-love is willing to fix the parts not yet perfect within and release and heal. Let go so more goodness can flow and as a result you will have good values, good boundaries, and will only accept the best for yourself at all times.

If you’re interested in finding out more you’re welcome to reach out:

Martina Coogan is better known as the Metaphysical Monarch. With over 20 years’ experience of teaching ancient lineage healings and tools of power which balance the human energy fields, mental and emotional bodies, she specialises in empowering people to achieve inner peace and opening and developing spirituality. Reach her at her website.

Would you like to share your story or expertise with our readers? Contact our editor-in-chief, Rafael dos Santos, by clicking here.



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