Call to Prayer

by Catherine Briggs

As the mountain looms high

a whipbird’s call

invites us to join

nature in prayer.

Trees turn their leaves,

spin a sun blessed circle,

grey, green, gold,

on scribbly gum, anaphora.

In the shade

light filters


and memories.

Mount Beerburrum

draws distant rainbows:

the fire of lorikeets’ red beaks,

green wings and yellow breasts.

During summer months

grass trees, banksias

and yellow peas

flower here.

While Mount Tunbubudia

hosts black cockatoos

feasting on casuarina trees.

All praise nature in prayer.

© Catherine Briggs 2022

Catherine Briggs, a former librarian, English teacher and antique dealer, has recently published a poetry anthology, Looking Forward Looking Back, and is working on another. She is also writing a thriller set in London, Sicily and Hobart’s MONA about four friends on an innocent holiday who attract the attention of the Sicilian Mafia.

Catherine attended our Easter Writer’s Retreat at Namgyalgar in the Glass House Mts, Queensland.

Jan Cornall leads international writers retreats and workshops. See pics here.

Insta: @_writersjourney



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