Morning observations

Glass House Mountains, by Jennifer Smart

Filtered light

Magma plug dominating, Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Brown earth littered with pebbles, twigs, she oak needles, dried gum leaves, spotted and brittle.

Sandstone boulders arranged in praise of the mountain.

An amphitheatre of awe.

Oranges, ochres, striped, cracked, chipped, scored by time.

Blackened trunks, spindly, ridged, textured, toughened bark.

A soft breeze refreshes.

A car in the distance.

A bird call — wark, wark, wark.

Broken branches, bent, snapped, forked.

Clumps of grass, spiky, dark green, bowing at their tips.

Soft tufts, fine baby hair grass, a pale green through to brown.

Red-tipped foliage, new life.

Eucalypts — grey-trunked, bending like an old man’s back.

Green on green.

Ferns spreading, serrated, low, young and green, old, brown and crackled.

The crunch of footsteps.

The quiet of writing.

© Jennifer Smart 2022

Jennifer Smart

Jennifer Smart is the author of Wardrobe Girl, published by Random House. She is currently working on a new novel. Jennifer attended our Easter Writer’s Retreat at Namgyalgar in the Glass House Mts, Queensland.

Jan Cornall leads international writers retreats and workshops. See pics here.

Insta: @_writersjourney



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