The Jetty

by Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop is a frequent flyer on Writer’s Journey adventures. He’s joined us in Fiji , Bali, Tibet and Bhutan on repeat journeys in all those places except for Tibet. A retired farmer, now aged 86, he didn’t start writing until his sixties. But it seems all those hours out in the paddocks has given him a natural talent, as he has won numerous awards for his short stories and poems,and is now exploring a new art form, painting.

Peter says ‘I came on the retreat to stimulate my creativity and I found the idea to assemble a book of illustrated works. The retreat atmosphere was delightfully calm and conducive. I take home the belief that I should take my creative efforts seriously, or if not seriously then at least give them a little more affection.’

Here is one of the poems he wrote at the retreat which ended up published in the Poetry Box in Mullumbimby by fellow retreatant, Linda Meades,the following week.

Peter’s poem published in Linda’s poetry box a week after our retreat! (Photo by Linda Meades)

And here are some of the illustrations Peter was messing around with in the afternoons in his verandah studio.

Read more of Peter’s poems, written in Bhutan in 2016 here.

The close relationship between writing and art fascinates me and we always encourage artists to attend our writing retreats. It’s always exciting to watch artists explore using writing in their process and vice versa. Read more on this notion from our last Morocco trip here and one of our Bhutan adventures here.

Our next international retreats for writers and artists will take place in June in Italy. We will stay in a restored castle in the village of Mercatello Sul Metauro, in the Le Marche region. We are hoping, Peter will be there!

Sensing Italy June 18–25, 2022

Collage Art and Writing, June 25 — July 2, 2022

Peter Bishop in his Belongil Beach retreat studio.

Jan Cornall runs international writers workshops and retreats

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