Introducing Higharc: A better way to build your dream home

Marc Minor
May 7, 2019 · 4 min read
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There are few things in life as personal as your home. But the options for building one that fits your needs are extremely limited. That’s why Higharc is offering a new, easier way to build the home of your dreams. Higharc means that good design and beautiful architecture aren’t only accessible for the ultra-rich — they are something that anyone who dreams of building a home can use.

A new way to build

Higharc is a game changer for people who want to design and build a home. Let’s face it, the conventional way to design a home is frustratingly opaque. The homeowner has to figure out where to build, what to build, and who will build it, and every step is fraught with challenges that push the budget over the edge. Because of this, most people end up settling for a generic, stock design that’s optimized for “everyone’s” priorities except yours. This all means that your most personal asset becomes the least personalized part of your life.

Higharc gives you the expertise of a talented architect with the efficiency and power of advanced software. In an instant, your idea of a dream home is transformed into a 3D home design that’s customized just for you and fits within your budget.

Using Higharc is as easy as anything else you do on the web. We simplify the unnecessarily complicated parts of building a home.

  • Build a Profile: You log into the site and complete a quick quiz that asks questions like: How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Do you entertain large groups? Do you need accessibility built-in? And more…
  • What’s Your Budget and Style? You set parameters for your budget, and choose from multiple styles, including Craftsman, Contemporary, and Modern Farmhouse homes.
  • Easily Keep Customizing: Higharc automatically generates a design that you can continue to customize. Want to add a mudroom? An in-law unit? A game room? Where will they go and what will they cost? How open should your spaces be?
  • Built-In Cost Estimates Keep You on Budget: All customizations come with cost estimates and updates to the plan are made in real time and in 3D. This helps you be a more informed home builder because you can weigh trade-offs and priorities. It also eliminates frustrating and expensive back-and-forth edits that can cost you thousands more and slow down construction.

We are already signing up the first Higharc users. Our first customers have raved about using Higharc to design their home. If you’re thinking about building a new home too, sign up here and use Higharc to start building your dream home today.

As we come out of stealth, we are hiring! We’re excited to announce our $4.7 million Seed Round and to introduce you to the Higharc leadership team, investors, and advisors.

Our founding team’s backgrounds span traditional architectural expertise, 3D graphics, and UX design across industries including gaming, 3D printing, and computer-aided design (CAD).

Our investors and advisors include several renowned founders and investors with expertise modernizing antiquated industries like homebuilding, making beautiful design accessible, and commercialization of breakthrough technology.

Our founding team

  • Marc Minor, CEO: Launched 3D printing companies Carbon3D and Desktop Metal out of stealth to valuations of over $1B. Marc started Higharc after experiencing first-hand the challenges of building a home.
  • Michael Bergin, Director of Architecture: Led Autodesk’s architecture and construction research group, focused on automating design and engineering tasks. Michael is making architectural rules usable for digital home design.
  • Peter Boyer, Director of Engineering: Former engineering lead at Autodesk and an expert in computer aided design on the web. Peter is combining training as both an architect and engineer at Higharc.
  • Thomas Holt, Director of Visualization: Led art and design of immersive worlds for video game studios including EA, CCP, and Hi-Rez. Thomas is translating his experience creating virtual experiences to Higharc.

Our investors

Pillar VC’s Russ Wilcox — former E Ink founder and CEO — led our seed round and joins our board along with the founder of Rent Net and Jed Katz of Javelin Venture Partners. We’re excited to have these two former founders on our board as we move Higharc forward. Other investors include Lux Capital, Vertex Ventures, and Founder Collective.

Additionally, we’re fortunate to have the support and participation of these esteemed founders and design leaders:

  • Scott Belsky, Angel Investor and Chief Product Officer at Adobe
  • Fred Bould (Advisor), Bould Design
  • Jeff Seibert and Wayne Chang, Crashlytics Co-Founders
  • Ric Fulop, Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal
  • Phil DeSimone, Co-Founder of Carbon3D

Join us

We’re hiring talented engineers and designers who want to build a product that will change people’s lives. Check out our job listings to learn more and to apply.


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