6 clever email subject lines I just HAD to click on

Keep reading if you want readers to open your emails

Adam Troudart
Higher Magazine


You know that email marketing is not dead, right?

So I want to whet your appetite with a few subject lines that have earned my click.

And I’m not easily impressed. Having received a gazillion marketing emails, I’ve become so skeptical about them. I can go over hundreds of email subject lines in my inbox without clicking on anything!

So if I do click on something then it’s gotta be mind-blowing.

I label my favorite subject lines as ‘Swipe File’ in my Gmail inbox so I can check them back later.

I’ve been doing it for years and never intend to stop.

A great subject line doesn’t mean the actual email is worth your time, by the way. But you’ll know that within seconds as you start reading it, right?

So here are six email subject lines that have made me stop dead in my tracks and click:

#1: Adam, How I made my first MILLION (NO HYPE)

It does sound a bit suspicious, right? Hence the ‘No hype’ clarification. So let’s assume it’s a genuine declaration. “I wanna know how I can make my first million as well!” That’s what crossed my mind as I clicked through to an email by Elite Ecoach Foluhso.

#2: 2 simple steps to get $500

Likewise, this subject line by training site Udemy uses precise numbers, requiring no guesswork. Just like a cake recipe, follow steps #1 and #2 to get an extra $500. Sweet!. It sounds easy, right? We love things that sound easy, straightforward, and failproof.

#3: You’re not a true leader until you do this...

Are you saying I’m not a true leader?

You know what then, business coach Jamie Masters?

I’m going to click this subject line RIGHT NOW, find out that missing ingredient and become a true leader!

#4: Did you think I wasn’t talking to you?


Did you talk to me in yesterday’s email?

Because I’m not in this game of starting my own online business.

I don’t really feel I have what it takes…

But now that you’re being so direct, (yet graceful), content marketing expert Lilach Bullock, I wanna know more!

#5: Free workshop >> How to Confidently Create Your First Profitable Course in 60 Days

While a bit on the longer side, this subject line by podcaster Amy Porterfield presents a no-brainer offer. “Can I create a profitable course in 60 days? For free? I’m in baby!”

#6: Face it, you’re stuck.

That’s right, Ryan Deiss. I AM stuck.

In life, in business, everywhere…

Can you help to unstuck me?

This in-your-face subject line appeals to readers’ deepest pain.

That’s a powerful marketing tactic but do handle it with care.

Because those who don’t identify with this statement might will keep scrolling. Those who do may find it irresistible!

Although those who do feel stuck might find the subject line irresistible. But some readers who don’t might keep on scrolling, or worse yet, get offended.

Now over to you…

Would you click on any of these subject lines?
What email subjects have you clicked on recently?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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