Five Proven Strategies to Elevate Your Customer Service Game

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4 min readNov 1, 2023


Service can make or break a business. Fantastic customer service can become your USP (unique selling proposition), what sets you apart from others.

But don’t take my word for it. Take Amazon — One of the most successful companies in the world, it has seen its value increase meteorically since going public in 1997 by being customer-centric, addressing their needs and passing its savings to them.

And no, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot.

Even little perks, actions, services or gifts can take you a long way. As long as your client feels like a VIP, it can work. Here are five examples from my own experience:

Park like a VIP

I used to have a membership card at a nature shop. It was a small store with a friendly team. One of the perks you’d get as a member (it cost only a few bucks) was free access to a private parking lot. It wasn’t a bustling area with no parking at all, but this was a private one, and whenever I got there, I popped the card in and went to the lock. Ugh.. what a feeling of exclusivity. I felt like a VIP!

Mindspace — more than just a workspace

I’ve been a Mindspace member for over a year now. Mindspace is a co-working space provider similar to WeWork but with a different, more personal approach.

One thing I noticed was the quality of their customer service. Any issues, such as a faulty AC, empty soda tank or a broken door, would be addressed within a few minutes after opening an app support ticket with answers like “We’re on it!” or “We’ll take care of it first thing tomorrow!”. And they always did, very quickly.

Sometimes, their Community Managers would come to the office within 3 minutes to handle the issue.

Recently, Mindspace surveyed members for feedback on their experience and how it could be improved.

But it wasn’t just a cookie-cutter survey to keep management happy. They cared about the results and turned them into action points. For example, many members had requested cookies to accompany their coffee.

Guess what?

A few weeks later, they added cookie jars to their kitchen offering (until recently, members could get coffee, tea, condiments and some sauces but no food at all). Not just simple biscuits but individually wrapped Lotus cookies, refilled a few times per day!!!

This week, I was the only one from my team who came to the office, and the Community Manager kindly asked me if I was OK and whether I needed anything. You see how easy it is to make your client or business colleague feel fantastic. Just that feeling someone else cares about you is so awesome.

Another example: members complained about the coffee and its flavour, so they changed the coffee beans and all the machines across their locations!

Laundrette at your doorstep

Before marriage, I lived solo and relied on the nearby laundromat for my laundry needs. Their service was always top-notch. Not only were the prices fair, but the real joy came when they would ring me up or leave my laundry neatly by my doorstep, perfectly washed and ready to be put away in my closet. There’s nothing quite like returning from a tiring day at work to find such a fragrant, neatly arranged surprise waiting for me!

A particular kind of hassle is when you crack your phone’s screen or the battery finally gives out. The struggle to find a trustworthy technician who can fix it quickly is real. But then there’s the “mobile mobile lab” — a game-changer. You don’t need to search for a repair shop; the repair guru arrives at your place. It’s pretty awesome to have professional work on your device right in the comfort of your home. I was fascinated watching one work his magic on my spouse’s phone. It was as good as new in just a quarter of an hour, with a shiny new screen!

Sandwich lady

I got acquainted with her when I started working at the Diamond Exchange district in Ramat Gan. Every day, she’d come with a basket or a cart loaded with a wide assortment of sandwiches.

I don’t usually buy sandwiches, but in time, I realised she was a health fanatic, and she introduced super healthy sandwiches and tailored them to my taste.

Now she knows when I’m at the office and always delivers the sandwich I prefer to my desk!

I don’t even have to reach my wallet. I pay a very reasonable cost every time with a few clicks of my payment app. Bliss!



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