How to create an intriguing intro for your blog article or social post

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Adam Troudart
Higher Magazine


Your followers and (potential) clients have a limited amount of time and attention span. They’re inundated with messages and noise everywhere, especially on social media.

And now you’re asking them to give you a few minutes of their time??

So here’s the trick: You need to drow your readers in!

Think about a highway billboard. Drivers need to get the message across in 3–4 seconds, or they’ll miss it.

Your intro must be THAT powerful!

So here are a few ideas for enticing blog intros that can keep your visitors intrigued:

1. Open with a surprising, relevant fact, stat, or quote. Ex: “The first oranges weren’t even orange” (Always credit the source).

2. Be dramatic. We all love a good story, so think like an author and find a dramatic scene in your post that will keep us hooked.

Ex: “She sat there, shivering with her eyes to the ground. ‘Mummy…’ she whispered, and there was nothing he could do…”

3. Trigger your readers’ imagination. Ex: “Picture yourself sitting by your kitchen table, feeling super-hungry. Now all you need to do is say the word…”

4. Ask a question. This is probably the #1 way to engage. Appeal to your readers’ pain points. Ex: “Have you ever felt like you had no energy to get you through the day?”

What about YOU?

How do you like to open your article, and what are some tricks you could share for drawing readers in?

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Adam Troudart
Higher Magazine

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