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First thing’s first — welcome to Higher Thoughts. I’m Jonas Ellison — Chief/Sole Editor and Head Janitor around these parts. I’m honored to have such a motley crew of folks like you who read this publication regularly and I’d love to make your experience here as comfy cozy as possible.

Higher Thoughts is a collection of my personal daily notes. From me to you.

A lot of people look to this publication as a compliment to their morning coffee (I post every night around 10pm CST) so they can start their day with something positive (or at least whimsical). Higher Thoughts consists of fairly short reads (1–4 minutes, typically) from my heart to yours to get the wheels turning in a soulful direction.

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The book

In 2016, I published my first book — Higher Thoughts: Best of Season One — a collection of 40-ish posts from the first year of this publication that I curated, slightly edited, and baked into a beautiful hardbound book.

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I’ve contributed to a number of large publications such as The Huffington Post, The New York Observer, No Sidebar, The Gift of Writing, One-Upped and The Daily Dot.

Us… When the little one was just a tot (one of my favorite photos because the dad-bod hadn’t kicked in full-throttle yet)

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