We’re still alive.

Here’s a toast.

How many times have you done it? How many times throughout your life have you actually thought that you weren’t going to make it?

How many times have you been positive that you were going to lose everything and be ridiculed (at best) if not entirely ignored by your loved ones before dying a cruel and painful death?

I know, I say this slightly in jest and it sounds like I’m exaggerating, but it’s true. How many times have you conjured up, and believed in, mental tragedies like this?

It’s common for people from all walks of life. Even people who seem ‘successful’ and ‘wealthy’ on the outside have moments where they think they’re going to, someday, lose it all and die on the streets.

Our lower minds are really good at crying wolf and focusing on our greatest mental nemesis — our impending doom.

It’s a function of our lizard brain — our amygdala — to keep us alive by scaring the hell out of us. It used to serve us well on the savannah. But today, it just gets in our way.

Maybe you’ve even gotten close. Perhaps most scenes in your doomsday scenarios have come true — or even worse. You may be experiencing something like this right now.

I’d like you to meditate with me for a second.

Stop right where you are. Become hyper-aware of your body. Anchor this by bringing awareness to your breath…

Be with yourself for a moment. Give yourself a few minutes.

You good? Good. Now… Know this…

You’re. Still. Alive.

This is huge!

You’re a living testimony that, throughout your life, your darkest thoughts have been complete bullsh*t.

It’s scientific fact! You’ve proven it! You’re here! Alive and well!

Your tiny, limiting, lizard-brain induced thoughts have been utter nonsense. Isn’t it crazy that we believe them every time?

Now that you know the truth of the matter, give yourself lifelong permission to stop believing them.

I propose a toast. Celebrate this with me. Right where you are, smile. Breathe enthusiastically (yes, if you can breathe enthusiastically, you can do anything enthusiastically).

You’re alive. You have clothes on your back. A roof over your head. You’ve probably even had a shower. Maybe even a full belly.

This is the truth. Whattdya say we stop believing our own lies? How ‘bout every time we tell ourselves we’re going to die, we call this lower thought out for being the liar that it is and stand in the truth that we WILL overcome. That we WILL survive. That our higher self will come through every time. If not right away, eventually.

You’ve done it. Even after those moments of darkness where it was touch and go, you’re here. You’re alive. Believe that. Live it.

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