An Analytics Readiness Checklist for Higher Education

These days it seems everyone is ready to jump into the ocean of predictive analytics whether they know how to swim or not. Institutions are recognizing that data analytics is a powerful tool to address today’s higher education challenges, but few are willing to invest in analytics correctly. To help you determine your institution’s readiness for predictive analytics — and to help focus your institution’s investments toward efficiency and productivity — I’ve developed a checklist that anyone can complete in less than two minutes. Download it for free!

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Before you sign off on that budget item for that piece of analytics software, challenge yourself to check off all areas of the Analytics Readiness Checklist, a simple assessment anyone can complete to determine whether an institution is ready for an investment in analytics.

Why you need to complete this CHECKLIST

Almost every single case study I presented in Data Science in Higher Education involved the mismanagement, misconfiguration, or misunderstanding of some predictive analytics system that an institution spent money on. 100% of the time these frustrations are the result of the Golden Rule of Strategic Planning: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Perhaps you can think of a few times your institution invested in software only to have it sit around for months — years, even! — collecting proverbial dust.

This checklist is designed to focus your efforts on where you can achieve the greatest impact. Data analytics is not a one-size fits all solution in any respect; it takes professional analysts time and energy to use analysis tools in forming intelligence. We must commit to investing in data analytics the right way, step-by-step, to avoid wasting money on software or services before we’re able to use them correctly.

The following checklist will help you plan out your long-term ability to deploy, support, and sustain the analytics efforts at your institution. It has been written to follow my Three P’s of Proper Planning: People first, then Processes, then Products.

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Jesse is the bestselling author of Data Science in Higher Education. He lives and writes science fiction in northern California. Follow him on Twitter.

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