Death of 1,000 Cuts & Pastes

Introducing Copy All: multi-select for text.

Andrew Courter
Dec 5, 2017 · 3 min read

Copy-and-paste is the dependable, neutral, white bread of web sharing. Estimates assign 80% of web sharing to this unsexy “dark social” flow. It works wonderfully to share the important parts with anybody, in any channel, but at a steep cost: copying-and-pasting divorces the ideas from their context.

Helpfully, Highly keeps context close.

When you copy text on a page you’ve highlighted, Highly automatically adds the link to the clipboard, too.

You get the speed and convenience of copy/paste, and your recipients get sweet, sweet context.

Instead of switching apps one time to paste the quote and a second time for the link, you get both in one fell swoop. You save a trip. This is nice when you’d like to share one quote, but most stories have more than one passage worth sharing.

Which Brings us to Copy All

Copy All does what you think: it copies all of your highlights from a story, along with the Highly link, in one quick action.

It’s the fastest way to get multiple quotes onto your clipboard.

Copy-paste-ing a bunch of snippets is a lot of work, so most people just send a link instead. But most people who receive a link have no idea why they should click it, or even care.

Sending highlights isn’t just better than sending links because it’s faster. It’s better because people actually read what you send.

Copy All also gives you a better reading experience: you needn’t context-switch until you’re done with the story.

Overriding the behavior of native, habitual shortcuts like copy-paste is a touchy choice, but Highly exists to conserve your time and attention. Humble Copy All does both.

How to Copy All

Available in Highly for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Coming soon to iOS.

  1. make highlight(s), then
  2. use your browser’s Copy function.

Command+C on Mac; Control+C on PC; or choose Copy in browser menus.

You’ll see a confirmation notification: Copied Link and 5 Highlights. Go forth and Paste.

No Account Needed

Copy all works in Guest Mode too. Download Highly to try it.

Highly is the Internet’s Highlight Layer

Highlight darn near anything, share the meaty parts instead of timesucking links, and see your peoples’ highlights as you surf the web.

Start each day with your Highly newspaper: the important ideas in the stories your people are reading.

It’s unprofessional to share a story without highlighting it. Save your team time, spark productive convos, and maximize knowledge sharing with Highly for Teams — in Slack, too.

Happy Highlighting

Building Highly, the Internet’s Highlight Layer • The Highly Team Is Now Part of Twitter

Andrew Courter

Written by

Soccer dad. Pro aesthete. Founder @HighlyTM, the internet’s highlight layer. Draft.

Happy Highlighting

Building Highly, the Internet’s Highlight Layer • The Highly Team Is Now Part of Twitter

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