The One Email Everybody Loves

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Andrew Courter
Dec 14, 2017 · 3 min read

There’s an (internet) folk saying:

Every app that promises to eliminate email, in the end, sends you email.

Email somebody a link, and they’re not going to read it. At best, they’ll click and skim the first paragraph, unsure what they’re looking for, then leave, absolved of responsibility for seeing it.

You probably already knew that, but you probably email links anyhow, because frankly the alternative — manually producing a clean, cogent summary of the ideas you want to share — was a pain in the rump. Until now.

Use Highly to send anybody you know a simple, useful email containing all of your highlights and a short note — at the tap of a button.

Your friends, teammates, and mommy-mailing-list-members can see the important parts of the story right in their inboxes, then tap on any highlight to see it in context.

Everybody likes to save time, so everybody appreciates a trustworthy summary. Use Highly to send beautiful, useful summaries without opening an app or writing a single word.

Friends don’t need to join Highly to see your highlights. To see them in context, they’ll need a free Highly app.

And if your friends are already on Highly, we’ll deliver the summary in the channel(s) they’ve chosen: mobile notification, email, or both.

A Note on Annotation

To frame the story for your audience, you may opt to add a short note or emoji. You cannot, however, add a long note. We’ve capped the note-composer at 200 characters, so you’re not tempted to get longwinded.

To annotate highlights line-by-line before sharing, use Copy All to get your highlights onto your clipboard and into and your favorite email client.

Nobody likes email, but everybody checks it. Send the one email everybody is happy to receive: a trustworthy, time-saving summary.

How to Send a Summary

Available on Highly for iPhone and iPad, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Slack.

There are two basic ways to share in Highly: share a single highlight, or share a batch of highlights — a summary. Highlights are always linked to their spot on the story, in context.

  1. Use the share buttons in the Highly Bar (browser extensions), summary page (mobile) and below each Newspaper post (web) to send a summary.
  2. Use the share buttons that appear alongside individual highlights to share said individual highlights. Single-highlight shares include a link to the summary, too.

Change your mind mid-share? Toggle between 1 and ALL on your Highly sharing screen anytime. Available on computers only.


Highly is the Internet’s Highlight Layer

Highlight darn near anything, share the meaty parts instead of timesucking links, and see your peoples’ highlights as you surf the web.

Start each day with your Highly newspaper: the important ideas in the stories your people are reading.

It’s unprofessional to share a story without highlighting it. Save your team time, spark productive convos, and maximize shared knowledge with Highly for Teams — in Slack, too.

Happy Highlighting

Building Highly, the Internet’s Highlight Layer • The…

Andrew Courter

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Soccer dad. Pro aesthete. Founder @HighlyTM, the internet’s highlight layer. Draft.

Happy Highlighting

Building Highly, the Internet’s Highlight Layer • The Highly Team Is Now Part of Twitter

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