How is LINER Different from Evernote Web Clipper?

LINER — Highlight While You Read

You can use Evernote’s official Evernote Web Clipper to save articles from the web. Using the Evernote Web Clipper you have various options to: save the entire website, save the article, save a simplified version of the website, or save a screenshot. When you save the article you can choose which notebook the article is saved under. And you can also add tags to the saved article as well.

While Evernote does provide a very basic highlighting feature. Evernote Web Clipper’s highlights are just colored lines. For more powerful highlighting features you would want to use LINER.

Using LINER highlights you can highlight and save the sentences you want from the article. Sometimes you only need one sentence from a 4,000 word article.

Once you finish highlighting you can easily import your LINER highlights into Evernote with 1-click. You can import your highlights, comments, article title, and original URL into Evernote with LINER.