LINER — Highlight While You Read

Liner Guide: How to Highlight on Chrome

Become a Highlighting Master

LINER helps you highlight text on the internet. Easily highlight and save sentences on the internet, emphasize important sentences from articles, or summarize content by highlighting key phrases. Highlight while you read with LINER. You can even share highlighted pages to your friends! Your friends can read your highlights, even if they don’t have LINER installed.

Turn Highlight Mode ON

There are three ways to turn Highlight Mode ON.

1. Primary — Highlight Mode Shortcut (`)

Press the (`) key on the keyboard (Below the “ESC” key, next to the “1” key, above the “TAB” key).

Press the ` key

2. Secondary — Backup Shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+L)

Press the (SHIFT+CTRL+L) key on the keyboard.


3. ON/OFF Button — Click on the “Liner Icon”

The Liner Icon is located at the top-right-side corner of the Chrome web browser.

  • Click once to turn Highlight Mode ON (The icon will turn bright).
  • Click one more time to turn Highlight Mode OFF (The icon will turn dark).
Highlight Mode ON/OFF Button

Highlight Text

  1. Turn Highlight Mode ON.
  2. Select/Drag the text you want to highlight.
Highlight the Text

Change Colors

  1. Click on the highlight, to open the “Highlight Toolbox”.
  2. Select the highlight color you want to use.
  3. Yellow is a Free Color. Red, Blue, Mint, Orange, and Purple are Premium Colors.
Change Highlight Colors

Delete Highlights

  1. Click on the highlight, to open the “Highlight Toolbox”.
  2. Click on the “X” icon to delete highlights.
Delete Highlights

Highlight Comments

  1. Click on the highlight, to open the “Highlight Toolbox”.
  2. Click on the “Comment” menu to add comments on the highlighted text.
Highlight Comments

Keyboard Hint Notification

  • The Keyboard Hint Notification helps you turn Highlight Mode ON.
Keyboard Hint Notification

Hide Keyboard Hint Notification

  • Click on the “Do Not Show Again” link to hide the Keyboard Hint Notification.
Hide Keyboard Hint Notification

Highlight Mode Notification

  • The Highlight Mode Notification shows how many “Highlights” and “Comments” you made.
  • Click on the “Liner Logo” to go to the Liner Web Home.
Highlight Mode Notification

Share Highlighted Pages

  1. Turn Highlight Mode ON.
  2. Copy the link by clicking on the “Link” icon.
  3. Share the copied link over Facebook, Twitter, or Email.
Share Highlighted Page

Hide Highlight Mode

  • Click on the “Gear” icon to hide the Highlight Mode Notification.
Hide Highlight Mode Notification

Video Guide — How to Highlight on Chrome

How to Highlight with Liner

Liner Web Home

  • Add a star to “Favorite” your best highlights.
  • Organize your highlights into “Folders” (Archive, Fitness, Pocket).
  • Easily “Delete” highlights with one-click (Trash).
Liner Web Home —

Highlight Quick Menu

  • Favorite: Manage your top highlights separately.
  • Private/Public: Make your highlights open to the public.
  • Share: Share highlighted pages with your friends.
  • Trash: Delete highlights.
  • Save to Evernote: Save highlights to Evernote.

Move Highlights to Folder

  1. Click on the “Bulk Edit” button.
  2. Select the Highlights you want to move into Folders.
  3. Click on the “Add” button to the Folder of your choosing.
Bulk Edit Button
Move Highlights to Folder

Account Settings Page

  • Change your “Username”.
  • Import “Pocket” articles into Liner for highlighting.
  • Import “Instapaper” articles into Liner for highlighting.
Account Setting Page
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LINER — Highlight While You Read