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Liner Update: Highlight Mode Update

We’re making Highlight Mode easier to use

Highlight Mode Notification

The largest update is the new “Highlight Mode Notification” You can quickly see how many “Highlights” and “Comments” you made. And easily share highlighted pages to your friends!

TIP: If don’t want the Popup, You can hide the popup by clicking on the “gear icon”.

Highlight Mode ON Notification
Highlight Mode OFF Keyboard Notification

Highlight Mode ON/OFF Button

You can now turn Highlight Mode ON/OFF, by clicking on the “Liner Icon” at the top right-corner of your Chrome Browser.

1. Click once to turn Highlight Mode ON (The icon will turn bright).
2. Click one more time to turn Highlight Mode OFF (The icon will turn dark).

Highlight Mode ON/OFF Button

Liner Web Home

We’re also migrating from the “Chrome Extension List”, to a dedicated “Web Page” for viewing your Highlights!

There are two ways to access the “Liner Web Home”:

1. Web: Login to the Liner homepage here (
2. Notification: Click on the Liner Logo on the “Liner Highlight Mode Notification

Liner Web Home —

Please let us know if you have any questions! One of our team members stares at the computer all day and doesn’t blink, so your emails should be responded soon enough.

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