How are Readability, Pocket, Instapaper, and LINER Different?

LINER — Highlight While You Read

Readability is primarily a Reader Mode App and not focused on saving the text. Readability is great, If you just want to read the text right now and are not interested in reading it later. Sadly, Readability has shut down. When you visit the website it recommends you to download Mercury Reader.

Instapaper is primarily an text reader. If you read text heavy content, Instapaper is the tool for you. Instapaper not only provides the most options for changing the font size, font style, and background. But also provides powerful foldering features to organize your content.

Pocket is for saving multi-media content. When you save content to Pocket, your saved content is automatically sorted according to its format. You can save blog posts and save videos in the next. It’s great that all my bookmarks and managed from a single solution. Personally I use Pocket, because of the minimalist design.

LINER is for saving highlighted sentences. While it’s great to save an entire blog post. Sometimes you just need a single sentence from an article. It’s hard to find the same sentence from a 3,000 word essay. Using LINER you can highlight the text and save the specific sentence.