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LINER for Student Feedback

Leave targeted feedback with Highlight Comments

There’s a certain irony in scrolling down to the bottom of an article to write comments about the first paragraph. The majority of commenting systems still rely on the “Footer Comment Model”. Where opinions are left at the bottom regardless of length.

Despite the various developments of online publishing. When it comes to feedback we’re still relying on: converting documents into PDF files, battling with machines to print paper, stapling dead trees together, and physically marking essays.

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If you wanted to leave feedback on this student essay. You would either have to print the document out or leave comments at the bottom of the essay.


Highlight Feedback Essay — 19 Highlight Comments

With LINER, you can leave targeted feedback on the text itself. Highlight an incorrect sentences and leave feedback directly on the highlights. You can easily comment on typos, grammar mistakes, weak statements, misplaced commas, and an unclear thesis.

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