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LINER is a web highlighter that helps you highlight and save text. We help you filter out excessive noise content, so you can focus on key phrases. Sometimes you only need one sentence from a 100 page document. Easily import your existing Pocket articles and automatically export highlights to Evernote.

By crowd-sourcing highlights, we can find out what content people are actually interested in. While Google is limited to knowing what “pages” you prefer, LINER goes a level-deeper and knows what “sentences” within the page you prefer. LINER’s sentence-graph can provide data-fuel for A.I. platforms such as IBM’s Watson.

Key Features

Desktop/Mobile Sync:
Highlights made on desktop sync in real-time with LINER mobile. Highlight your favorite blog posts on your desktop, then read the highlights on your mobile.

Desktop Chrome Extension:
Highlighting on desktop is simple. All you have to do is turn on “Highlight Mode” and select the sentences you want to highlight.

Save to Evernote:
Highlights can also be easily saved on Evernote. Export your favorite highlights, comments, and links to Evernote with one-click.

Highlight Comments:
Users can add comments to highlights to provide additional context. Highlights can be used to leave sentence-level feedback on student essays.

Share Highlights:
Highlight the most important sentence in a massive pile of text. Share highlighted articles over Facebook, Twitter, and Email.


Jinu Kim — CEO at LINER. Developer at Liner. Studied computer science.

Chanmin Woo — COO and Co-founder at LINER. User data management. Studied French literature and business management.

Sung Moon Cho — Adviser at LINER. CEO at BigBrainLab. Former product manager Oracle. Co-founder of Gamevil. Studied computer science, electrical engineering, and MBA. Angel investor.

What our Users are Saying:

“LINER is amazing! I love it and it’s so extremely useful, Thank you!” ― Alexis

“I love LINER! I recently started an online class and it’s made focusing and notetaking on digital reading SO much easier!” ― Amanda

“Your save-highlights-to-Evernote feature is perfect” ― Tiago Forte

“I love LINER. Was looking for a smart, clean, intuitive alternative to the increasingly bloated and expensive Pocket app.” ― Christine Freel

“I’ve been using the app for a week and it’s great… There is so much information on the internet that it’s crucial to find ways to filter and curate the most relevant content.” ― Oriol Noya

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