LINER — Highlight While You Read

The Over Sharing Economy

Sometimes you need your own private space

The Internet is a great way to connect with your friends, family, and your neighbor's dog. We’re more connected than ever and the newly formed network has sprouted various unforeseen benefits.

While we are thankful for the world becoming closer. More and more apps are overly geared towards sharing. There’s a point where it’s not about helping you connect with other people and more like, “We included growth hacking in our app so you can accidentally share our app to all your friends”. Share, share, share apps have reached a tipping point. Sometimes you just need your own personal space.

Highlighting is a deeply personal matter. Therefore we strive to make your highlights as “private as possible. LINER is geared entirely towards creating your own personal highlight library first and foremost. Curl up on your couch. Read in private. Highlight in private. Be in your own personal domain.

Happy Highlighting~