The Best App for Saving Articles to Read Later

LINER — Highlight While You Read

The best app for saving articles to read later is by far Pocket. Simply by shear numbers Pocket outpaces most other Read-it-Later services. Pocket is integrated with most platforms and is even the default article saving app for Firefox.

The great thing about Pocket is that it automatically categorizes your articles into text, video, and images. I frequently save about 10–15 articles using Pocket.

One downside of Pocket is the limitation to only saving the entire page. While saving the entire page is great. Sometimes I really only need one-sentence from the entire article.

Having to reread an entire 5,000 word essay to find that one quote is tiresome. Especially when I need to read a technical document that I need to reference multiple times.

When I need to save sentences I use LINER. LINER helps you highlight and save sentences on the web. You can easily emphasize a sentence in bright yellow. All your highlights are always saved in the same place. You can even share highlighted pages to your friends.