API Strict Parties Update

Highrise has many integrations, a few of which we’ve built ourselves and released over the past few years like Gmail and Outlook, and even Slack.

And many built by third parties, such as Zapier, which connects tons of apps:

Piesync, which provides a two-way contact sync between apps, and Olark live chat, which allows you to reach out to potential leads on your website now and follow up later with Highrise.

For those integrations matching on names across apps or systems, one of the issues both our partners and our customers sometimes ran into was a ‘fuzzy logic’ search on contacts. The ‘Parties’ search for People and Companies was built to account for some flexibility on the way people might enter contacts into various systems — i.e. ‘Sam Jones’ or ‘Samantha Jones’ would return both contacts. But if Sam and Samantha are actually 2 separate people the fuzzy logic also sometimes caused confusion.

So we’ve introduced a new parameter with our API that allows the user to turn off the fuzzy logic and only return exact matches. You can find the detailed documentation here or send us an email to support@highrisehq.com. Or if you’re running into any trouble using a third party integration that matches on name, we encourage you to reach out to our partner and ask them to add the additional parameter!

P.S. If you’re looking to integrate with a CRM to track your leads and manage follow ups, check out Highrise and all of the apps we connect to.