Tip #6: Bulk Update Existing Leads and Contacts

It can be a chore to update your existing Highrise leads and contacts. For example, if you need to update 105 leads with a new custom field value, it would involve a lot of elbow grease.

Edit each lead one at a time, add the custom field value, save the lead . . . go to next lead. Repeat. That’s a lot of steps.

What if you could cut those steps in half?

You can! Watch this short video on how to bulk update your contacts with a new custom field value through an export and import.

If you want detailed written instructions, check out this article at our Help Center.

A few things to note . . .

  • Include a Highrise ID in your file to make it easier to update your contacts. You retrieve the Highrise ID by first exporting your contacts.
  • If you don’t want to include a Highrise ID, make sure you have a matching email address to update people contacts and a matching company name to update company contacts.
  • If you’re only updating one piece of information (custom field, tags,), you can remove any other columns and rows that don’t need to be updated.
  • Two caveats. If you’re updating an address field like state, make sure you include ALL address fields. If you’re updating company name for a person, include person’s first and last name.
  • And if you make a mistake when updating contacts, you can undo the import for up to 7 days to revert any changes.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.