Clear All from Group Inboxes

Almost 2 years ago, we launched Good Morning, your Highrise group inbox. It has literally changed the way we work and our support team clears the queue by answering each item every day — in record time I may add! :)

It’s been so handy, I started using it personally to help prioritize my mail. But I found that sometimes over the weekend, or when I go on vacation for a few days, I come back to a mess for my own personal Highrise inbox. For awhile, I would clear a couple pages of messages, just trying to get back to something manageable. But with an amazing 5000 messages in my queue, clearing them one by one is out of the question. So eventually, I just stopped using it.

And from speaking with customers this turns out to be the leading reason they keep giving up not just on our product but other productivity tools. Things collect, until it becomes overwhelming, and there’s no good way to reset.

But I missed using our Highrise inbox personally. It’s amazing how much my Highrise inboxed added an extra layer onto making sure things don’t fall through the cracks. With Good Morning, I don’t have to jump back and forth between by email inbox and Highrise. If I miss responding to an email or assigning a task for later follow up, the email is still right there waiting for me in the queue. If I’m swamped, I can transfer the message to the support queue and know that someone will address it.

So I pushed for the feature we announce today:

The ability to clear all from your Good Morning inbox!

You can clear just your own queue, individual group inboxes, and even Everyone. But don’t worry there’s also an undo option that will stick around for an hour should you make a mistake:

(but do note: If you’re filtering by a Group inbox or the Everyone inbox, dismissing all messages will also remove them for other members of your team that are accessing those inboxes. Please make sure you inform your team before making any changes).

You can read more about the new feature here or check it out in your own Highrise account today!