Deal custom field filters

In case you missed it, we just announced the ability to export deals to Excel/CSV so you can sort, view and create reports for your data.

But we also want to add more flexibility to how you view your data in Highrise.

We introduced custom fields for deals awhile back as many teams have specific needs to track expected close dates, confidence levels, sub status, etc. We first added the ability to include the custom fields in our API so tools that focus specifically on pipeline management such as Tracks and Easy Insight could get the data. But until now, you didn’t have much of an option to filter and view the data within Highrise.

As a starting point, today we introduce the ability to filter your deals by custom fields:

Once you’ve selected a custom field, Highrise will grab your pre-defined values for further filtering, or you can select deals that have any value in that custom field.

If you haven’t created pre-defined values, Highrise will grab up to 20 values from your custom field for you to chose from:

Adding this filter makes it a lot easier to manage a pipeline right from inside Highrise and can be used in conjunction with Excel/CSV exporting so you can get to the data you need.

Read more details on our help site.

We know there’s more we can do around deals, and we’re hard at work on other updates so be on the lookout, but we hope these are a good start!