Deal Exports

Deals have been an area of Highrise we haven’t made a lot of changes to as a new team. Yet. Not because Deals aren’t a very important part of Highrise, but more because they ARE so important.

We wanted to make sure we had a good understanding of their value, use, strengths and weaknesses before we dove into something so critical to many of our users.

So today’s announcement is a big one for many of you out there who rely heavily on deals:

You now have the ability to export deals to a CSV file. There you can filter and sort and generate reports as you see fit.

Highrise will export all of your essential Deal info including your custom fields and will export only the Deals you have currently filtered in your display.

And be on the lookout, as we have another related improvement hot on the heels of this one that’s going to be a really helpful feature if you use Deals.

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