Dual Avatars

Since avatars are a huge part of Highrise and any changes to them tend to have strong views, we published a preview for today’s feature a couple of weeks ago.

Today we officially announce the change — dual avatars!:


Now the contact is the prevalent avatar which is based on enormous amounts of user feedback.

But we also heard plenty of feedback the other way, that it’s important in their organizations that the User’s avatar be easy to scan.

We think we found a good compromise.

You’ll also see a mini avatar that shows you the additional information regarding the sender/receiver of the email.

It’s similar for notes:


Thanks to those of you who took the time to send us feedback! Keep it coming.

We’ve got more changes based on your feedback coming soon … like more colorful and meaningful default avatars that should be a very welcome change to those folks who are tired of the “sea of grey” :)

Hope you’re having a great week!