Highrise Announcements: Gmail forwards, sent emails, and a whole lot more…

As you are probably aware, the company behind Highrise, 37signals, announced back in February that they would be focusing on their project management application, Basecamp and renaming themselves accordingly. That left a lot of us who are Highrise customers questioning what the future would hold.

A few weeks ago Basecamp made an important announcement. Highrise was spun-off as a subsidiary company of Basecamp and put under my leadership.

I’m writing to let you know what you can expect during this transition.

First, operationally, things will continue to run the same. You will still get support from Basecamp’s excellent customer support staff. And Highrise will continue to be maintained and securely hosted by the talented operations team. Gradually, these duties will be transitioned to folks under the Highrise umbrella, but that transition will be seamless to you.

But second, and most importantly…

Highrise is about to get a whole lot better.

I’ve been building software and software businesses for about 20 years. I’ve built things for organizations of all kinds, from presidential campaigns and the US Federal government, to small, one person, Shopify stores.

One thing that I’ve come to learn over the years is that you don’t need software.

You don’t need another address book; you need a way to keep potential deals from falling through the cracks. You don’t need another email client; you need to get better at meeting new customers. You don’t need another todo list; you need more time with your family.

Software should simplify the jobs we have, so we can spend our time where it matters.

And so we’d love to hear from you.

What kind of jobs do you have that are one step too many? Could anything be easier when: talking with clients, supporting your users, or tracking communication on your team? What can Highrise help you do better?

You can reach the entire Highrise team here:


(Uses a neat new Highrise feature you’ll read more about below.) Or if you’d rather talk than write, please leave us a message here: (773) 359–3352.

We won’t be able to reply to everyone; we’re getting a lot of helpful and enlightening feedback. But I can guarantee, the whole Highrise team will be reading and listening to every single message and incorporating them into our decisions.

(If you have a problem with Highrise that you need assistance with, please continue to use the awesomely responsive customer support team, here: https://help.highrisehq.com/highrise)

And with that I’d like to leave you with some of the things we’ve added or improved already in Highrise. We’ve only been at this for a few weeks, and are still getting up to speed on many things, but I think you’re really going to enjoy what we’ve done. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Gmail Auto-Forwarding

Gmail provides a great way to filter and forward your mail.

Now, you can use Gmail to auto-forward mail from people right to your Highrise dropbox, cases, or deals. You can even have those emails create tasks — imagine an orders@yourcompany.com creating tasks automatically for you.

For example, the feedback@highrisehq.com email I mentioned above, forwards right into a case the Highrise team is using to track feedback.

You can setup your own support@yourcompany.com, or orders@yourcompany.com type emails in your Google Apps account (or even get fancy with your personal Gmail account) and have those emails show up in Highrise automatically. And what’s great about using Gmail for this, is it takes advantage of the excellent Spam filtering Gmail already has.

Here’s a tutorial that explains how to go into Gmail to setup your forwarding addresses to use with Highrise:


Previously Sent Email

From the beginning, Highrise has offered a very simple and effective way of getting email into your account. Just forward email you receive to your dropbox, or BCC new email with your dropbox address while sending it.

Very quickly though, we, Highrise users, realized it was easy to forget to BCC new email. And once you forgot, there wasn’t a great way of getting previously sent email back into Highrise. Until today.

Now, it’s easy. Just go into your Sent Mail folder, and forward those sent messages over to your dropbox. Highrise is smart enough to figure out that you meant to BCC that email originally and will attach the message to the appropriate contact.

Contact’s Cases and Deals

There is now a cases tab just like there’s a deals tab under contacts and companies.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 4.37.28 PM.png

Also, if you are checking out the cases or deals for a company, Highrise will show you the cases or deals for people in that company, even if the company itself isn’t explicitly attached to the case or deal.

Improved Case/Deal Filters and Sorting

If you check out the deals or cases pages, you’ll see they have a new sorting menu at the top right of the page:

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 4.38.41 PM.png

Use that to change the sort from Alphabetical to a very handy Newest to Oldest sort. The page remembers your last picked sort too.

Also, the deals page can now be filtered by Pending/Won/Lost deals.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 4.40.14 PM.png

This came from some great feedback from multiple users, especially the comment, “Why do I always have to see my Lost deals staring me in the face?”

Collaborate on Task Emails

When someone assigned a task to us in Highrise we got an email, and a common reaction we had was to reply back for clarification, or to raise an issue with the assignor of the task. But email to the reply-to address of task notifications didn’t go anywhere. Now, when you get a task notification, the reply-to address will be from the assignor. We hope this makes it a lot easier to collaborate.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

We’ve also been doing a ton of bug fixes and performance improvements based on feedback and support tickets that have been coming in.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for being a Highrise customer. It’s been an incredible experience being welcomed to this community and having a chance to improve a product you all get so much value from already. I appreciate you giving me and the new team at Highrise this opportunity.

And a big thank you to everyone who has helped us get started with customer support and learning the Highrise code-base. There’s still a lot to do, but the Basecamp team has been incredibly helpful.

We know Highrise is a great tool, but it has a lot of places it needs improvement. And it’s coming. We’re just getting started. I think you’re going to enjoy what’s in store.

-Nathan Kontny, CEO Highrise

P.S. Twitter’s also a great place to reach us. My personal account:

Or the official Highrise account: