How Do You Follow Up?

Dee Greene of D&G Media Services

Getting any business off the ground takes persistence. It often takes calling, emailing, and following up to acquire those first few customers. Wash, rinse, repeat.

That also means you’re extremely low on our most valuable asset as humans: time. With so many things on your plate, how do you remember the little things? The little things that in the long run are actually really, really big things?

D&G Media Services is an agency that specializes in social media marketing for restaurants. They go behind the scenes, produce product videos for Facebook ads, and generally help restaurants in the Orlando area with their overall social media plan and execution.

Owner Dee Greene started D&G roughly a year ago, and knew right off the bat he had to do things differently to stand out.

“I want everything organized. When it comes to following up with people, I feel like a lot of other agencies lose out because they don’t do it. Sometimes it’s intentional, but sometimes they just forget.”

But as the business started to take shape, Dee needed a better system.

“I was writing reminders down in the notes app on my phone. Every day I would scroll through those notes and then make those calls one by one. That just wasn’t practical anymore.

I started looking around for a solution to solve that problem. When I found Highrise, I thought, that’s exactly what I need.”

Once Dee had a basic process in place, he knew he needed someone to help him keep up.

“With so many things to follow up on, I can’t be the one who solely makes all the initial calls. One of the reasons I really like Highrise is because someone else is able to help me and we can keep all communication and context in the same place.”

Dee starts the process of finding new leads by scouring the area for restaurants, before handing the first major task off to his colleague.

“To start, I go on Yelp, look up restaurants, and pull up all of their social media. From there, I create a contact with that information in Highrise. Then I call them, get a contact name, and schedule calls for my teammate to help out with.”

Once the tasks are set up, Highrise generates a daily list of leads to reach out to accordingly. Dee’s colleague makes the follow up phone call, creates notes for each lead, and adds any additional tasks for Dee to reach back out and speak to the business owner further.

Dee makes at least 20 of those types of calls a day to follow up with clients, potential or otherwise.

The key to winning any business, or building relationships, is about following up with people. We all have busy lives, and the people we work with or are trying to work with, are no different.

“If I didn’t have Highrise, I would miss so many follow ups which are mostly opportunities. If I didn’t have those follow ups organized, I would forget, and that’s lost business.”

Dee estimates Highrise saves him hours each week versus attempting to track everything manually.

“For me, Highrise is a job well done.”

A job where the little things, like following up or having context about past conversations, interactions, and details, make all the difference.

As our conversation came to a close, I asked Dee if there was anything else he’d like for me to share. “I would love to help people with their social media. If people feel like they are struggling with it, I am here to help.”

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And if you want to remember the little things, check out Highrise with a 30 day free trial.