More powerful forwarding…

Tag dropbox addresses

Tags in Highrise are one of the most useful and flexible features we have. And today you have a new way of using them: Tags now have dropbox addresses too!

You were already able to manually forward email to Highrise with a tag in the body of the message.

But you couldn’t do things like setup auto forwarding from Gmail right to a tag. Now you can.

For example, when folks email our support email address, they are actually getting sent to our tag dropbox address. That way we can label those folks who have ever entered our Support queue. This is useful for onboarding situations where we don’t want to send automatic onboarding emails to folks who are already in conversations with us. We use a feature like our NOT tag filtering for that:

If you’re doing any kind of auto forwarding that we have available, this will level up your abilities to categorize your contacts.

Read more about it here. Or check it out in your own Highrise account.

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