Recurring Tasks!

Recurring tasks have been a big ask since I came onboard Highrise and I’m sure since the beginning of Highrise as a CRM.

When will you be able to set a recurring task in Highrise? Have a customer that wants you to call him every month for a reorder = recurring task.
Always want to ask for a report from a remote employee on every third Friday = recurring task. Seems like that would be an important feature. Any plans on adding this?
I have to manually input task flows for clients every day and it has become such a daunting task. It takes a lot of time out of my day just to complete inputting tasks.

So we are thrilled to announce we now have recurring tasks in Highrise!

The new occurrence of a task is based on the completion of the original task. If you have contacts you want to follow up with on a regular basis, you can set your recurrence based on Completion time:

If you have tasks like putting together a quarterly budget or paying bills on a monthly basis, you can set them up to repeat based on the Original due time, so the recurrence is set even if you’re late for one cycle:

If you’d like any more help with recurring tasks, we have some great documentation setup: here.

These have been a huge help in my own tasks and activities and so far others seem pretty excited too:

Just wanted to say, I just saw the recurring feature in Tasks, and I’m so happy I could cry! Finally! Thank you!!!

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