“Who do I call, who do I text, what do I say, who said what? That’s the most important things for me to know.”

Simple Gets the Job Done

For real estate agents, the follow-up is everything. But, as someone who is constantly on the go, working with many clients at once, there’s a good chance someone might fall through the cracks.

A task on a piece of paper. A phone conversation while driving. An email with important documents multiple people need to access. A multitude of ways to communicate in a profession that is all about relationships.

How do you stay on top of that?

As a real estate agent with nationally renowned brokerage Keller Williams, Ken Jansen was frustrated at how much trouble he was having staying on top of his business, Kansas City Real Estate 411. He needed a change.

“I was using another product that tries to do everything and was complicated. You needed 3 or 4 clicks to get in one place.

“I wanted something that was simple and easy to use, and that did the most important things. I need to know who to call, and when to call them. I need to know the most important things I need to do, and when to do them.”

When on his search for that simple solution to manage his leads and follow-ups, Ken found Highrise.

“Highrise is so simple, that’s what I wanted. It does a few things really, really well.

“Who do I call, who do I text, what do I say, who said what? That’s the most important things for me to know.”

As a real estate agent, working with many people and always being in motion, means it’s critical to be as organized as possible.

“Being that guy who calls someone back is most of the time enough.

“When I get a task reminder from Highrise, that’s so much better than a random piece of paper shoved in my pocket to be forgotten.”

It is pretty normal in the world of real estate that one client calls as you’re on the way meet another client.

“Yesterday I received a phone call, and I pulled over to the side of the road to talk to the client for a while. After we hung up, I created a task in Highrise to call him tomorrow, plus added a few notes on some further research I needed to do.”

For Ken, having all of his information in one place, with him no matter where he is, has become a cornerstone of how he builds relationships and manages his business.

Another vital aspect of Ken’s day to day business is keeping track of all of the properties his clients are interested in, and staying organized on days he is showing multiple homes.

Ken keeps images and other PDF files of properties connected to each client in Highrise. This makes it easy to aggregate the properties he’s showing on any given day, not only for himself, but all his clients too.

“Being able to load and access documents is awesome. We can look up a client while on the phone and look at any document, like contracts or house brochures.

“I can download all of the houses we’re going to look at that day, print all of them out, but then also create a PDF of all of houses, and upload that to Highrise to keep track of properties and clients.”

Can using a streamlined system of managing leads and follow-ups help you save time? Ken says while it does, that is not the most important thing to him.

“Most importantly, Highrise saves me from losing people who fall through the cracks.

“That’s the biggest value to me, the fact that these big clients don’t disappear because I forgot to put them somewhere, or I put it on a sticky note and it went through the wash.”

Simple. Easy to use. Straightforward. Just the thing Ken needs to guide his business and clients in the right direction.

“If I had been able to design something to stay on top of my business in my mind, Highrise is what it would’ve looked like.”