We happen to use Slack very heavily as a team here at Highrise, and find ourselves constantly going back and forth between Slack and Highrise in our daily work. So we decided to build a quick integration to help save a few steps:

Once set up the integration will allow you to type the following commands in Slack:

/highrise record

Records previous conversation in that channel as a note associated with participating contacts in your connected Highrise account:

Of course this can be used internally with your team, but Slack can also be used for tracking chat conversations with leads or customers or candidates during recruiting. For anyone who communicates externally in Slack, you can now easily record that conversation to the contact in Highrise.

If you’re not communicating externally yet, but would like to, first you can set up Slack to allow potential leads to invite themselves to your account by using this plugin.

Then you can set up the Slack / Highrise integration by going to the Integrations tab in Highrise under My info — find more details here.

And if you want to see a video on the set up, our CEO, Nathan, put one together recently here.

But, that’s not all…

/highrise todo

Adds a task in Highrise with the description you provide beyond ‘todo’. You can also specify !today, !tomorrow, !this-week, !next-week, or !later to bucket the task accordingly.

/highrise tasks

Lists up to 10 of the your Highrise tasks right in Slack, with a link back to Highrise if you need more.

If you use Slack and Highrise, we think you’ll love the new integration! And if you have ideas about other commands you’d like to see let us know.