Tasks Performance

If you’ve been with Highrise for a long time, or use tasks extensively within your account, you may have run into an issue with certain task views either not returning or performing very slowly. This is due to the number of tasks in those views.

We’ve now introduced Task Paging to control the number of tasks that come back at one time. You can still view all of your tasks by clicking ‘Show More’ at the bottom of the screen as you scroll down, but now the initial view should return quickly.


And this part isn’t a new feature but a worthwhile tip if you have a huge list of old overdue tasks:

You can quickly delete tasks in 2 steps by hovering near the left hand side of the Tasks list and clicking the trash can icon and then Ok.


Or you can save them and move them out to a later date with 2 clicks too — by clicking on Change when hovering on the left hand side and then Move to… Later or whatever option you want from the top of the screen that pops up.


It took me a few months after starting at Highrise before I found those shortcuts while I saw my Overdue list building. Now, with a few clicks I keep up with old tasks and maintain a pretty nice list these days!

One more quick task tip in case you missed it last year when we introduced — one click Follow up tasks — have also been game changing for me!