Tip #1: Using Wordpress.com & Highrise autoforwarding

If you’re collecting information or questions using a contact form, Highrise is a useful way to manage those form submissions and replies.

We’ll cover how to do this in about 5 minutes using Wordpress.com, Gmail/Google Apps, and Highrise.


  1. Find your dropbox address, and copy it.
  2. Go into Gmail/Google Apps, go to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP
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3. Click Add a forwarding address, and paste in your dropbox address and add +fw to it. More info here.

4. Confirm your dropbox address as a forwarding address, and enable forwarding in Gmail/Google Apps. (If you’re using Google Apps, you don’t need a confirmation code)

5. Go into Wordpress.com, and create a new page with a contact form. Make sure your form settings send notifications to your Gmail/Google Apps address.

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6. Fill out the Wordpress.com form, and check Gmail and your Highrise inbox for the notification.

7. Using the Gmail/Google Apps integration, reply to the email.

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If you have any questions on setting this up, contact our support team here.

Write about customer support and other shenanigans. Part of the lovely team @highrise, learn more about me here: https://hotdogsandeggs.com

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