The team at Blue Stripe Creative, longtime Highrise users, recently shared with us a unique way they use task categories.

“We use the color codes to designate the part of the process we are in,” owner Rich Seidel told us. “Blue means its in the creative process, I need to be on my laptop to do that. Grey means either on onboarding or pricing, we call it the grey area, before there’s any work to be done with the client. Green means go, as in it’s ready for production in print.

I can also keep track of everything that is in production in Highrise so if a client calls, I can let them know exactly where things are.”

Task categories can be used in any way you need them to, the Blue Stripe team came up with a great use for their specific workflow. Here’s a quick look at how to set up and edit task categories in Highrise.


  1. Click on New Task from the top of any Highrise page.
  2. Select Edit categories.

3. Add a new category, or edit one of the pre-existing categories Highrise provides.

4. When a new category is added, click on the color dropdown to select a different color.

5. Repeat to set up as many task categories as you like.

If you have any questions, or want some help brainstorming task uses, reach out to us anytime.