Tip #10: Create a follow-up task in 5 seconds or less

Highrise prepares you to do business. Know when you last spoke to someone, what you discussed, and when you need to follow-up.

Highrise tasks are the tool you use to remember to follow-up. There are multiple steps and options when creating a task in Highrise.

  1. Click New Task
  2. Enter a subject/body for the task
  3. Choose the date and time
  4. Choose if the task should repeat or recur
  5. Pick who is responsible for the task (assign it)
  6. Mark if everyone should see the task or not
  7. Click Add this task

Here is how it looks:

While it doesn’t take a ton of effort, our team wondered what if we could cut those steps in half?

We’ve often found ourselves needing to create a follow-up task for a specific note or email or contact. But we didn’t need seven steps to do it. So our team made it easier.

Watch how:

  1. Click New task
  2. Choose date & time
  3. Mark everyone to see the task
  4. Click Add this task (or just hit Enter on your keyboard)

Seven steps down to four. All you need to do is click New Task, pick a date, and that’s it.

Here’s a secret too. You don’t even need to click Add this task. Just use your Enter button on your keyboard, and Highrise automatically creates the task and marks it as Follow-up.

This is a subtle change, but one that our team uses over and over again. Why? Because it shaves off a few steps and seconds when creating a task, and it reminds us to follow-up.

When it takes five seconds or less to set a reminder, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to follow-up.

P.S. Curious about how else you can use tasks? Go to our help center or send us a message, we’d love to help.